G. Proulx Inc. offers a large range of services adapted to your needs, such as:

  • A specialized handling service
    • A fleet of 20 trucks with 10 trucks equipped with articulated cranes, of which an exclusive crane able to carry out a delivery up to a height of 130’;
    • All our delivery team followed a course in SST;
    • All operators of our articulated cranes follow proficiency courses each year.
  • Technical assistance
    • Service of internal sales, by cordial well-trained personnel, ready to answer any of your questions and meet all your needs;
  • Metal cutting service
  • Parking licence for urban environment delivery whenever necessary;
  • Quotation



Canadian winters and large seasonal temperature variations (+ / – 30 ° C) have strongly influenced and accelerated innovations in terms of technologies and materials used for Canadian building products.

The quality requirements are only one part of the benefits that new technologies can bring you compared to traditional construction methods. Indeed, the time savings and low prices offered by G. Proulx International will make you choose us and this, regardless of your geographical location.


G. Proulx expertise

With over 45 years of experience, G. Proulx Inc. expertise with maritime container loading will meets your needs for the distribution of Canadian building products allowing you to build or renovate residential, commercial, industrial or institutional buildings.

In addition, our wide range of products is able to satisfy you on all levels (metal structures, concrete panels, insulation products, ceiling tiles acoustic).

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